What started off as a small hobby between two friends has become a more serious venture with a mission – to prove coffee is a great way to bring people together.

“When I came to college, I was struggling with a lot of identity issues, and for a time, I let the social scene of the university shape my character. I was insecure, not living up to the truth that I knew, and honestly pretty ashamed of a lot of parts of my life. But on my first day of junior year, I met a guy from my hometown named Stephen. Stephen and his friend Eric started inviting me over for coffee, and I would say they loved me regardless of how much I deserved it; they loved me in a way that told me that I did actually have worth, and it ended up changing me into someone more worthy of that love. And this friendship always seemed to be built over coffee-drinking and great conversation around the table at a cafe or in someone’s living room.

Going to coffee shops got pretty expensive, so we started buying bags of whole bean coffee and learning how to brew, gradually taking the process more seriously and appreciating the complexity more and more. Then, when we realized how much we were spending on bags of coffee, Stephen decided to make a coffee roaster, and from there our fate was sealed. From the first toaster oven roaster that could only roast 12 ounces at a time to our current 4-pound air roaster, we’ve relentlessly pursued good coffee and better friendships.”

– Mathison

Brotherly Coffee is currently being run by Mathison and his wife Alyssa. Working full-time in a Christian campus ministry, they have the opportunity to brew and drink countless cups of coffee with students.


When should I expect my subscription to kick in?2018-07-13T20:16:21+00:00

We roast/ship the beginning of every week. This is in order to provide a fresh product and to keep a regular schedule.

So, if you happen to subscribe in the middle of the week, you should expect your coffee the following week. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!

When will my coffee be delivered?2018-07-13T20:17:26+00:00

We roast/ship the beginning of every week. This is in order to provide a fresh product and to keep a regular schedule.

Can I pick up my order?2017-07-15T00:07:45+00:00

Yes! If you’re in the Houston area there’s an option for local pickup. Contact us to schedule a time.

How long does shipping take?2017-07-30T20:19:05+00:00

It takes 1-3 business days to travel to your doorstep, courtesy of USPS.


We want to empower others to pursue friendships.

More and more occupies our lives today in a way that takes away quality face-to-face time with people. As great as technology is, something is lost when we lack human interaction. We believe relationships are worth fighting for; we were created to appreciate one another, not live life alone. Coffee can fulfill a variety of things for people – it’s comforting, tasty, and energizing. For us, it is a vehicle for relationships.

We want people to take this beyond just sitting in their local coffee shop (though we also recommend a lot of that). What we hope is for people to invite friends into their homes and serve them a delicious beverage while sharing life together. Coffee is flavorful and complex, but it can also be a fun thing to enjoy with people. Exploring the world of caffeine and hospitality together can be the matrix upon which a great friendship grows.


Brotherly coffee is a small roasting company in Houston, TX.

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